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Please see below for a list of resources and communication regarding the Systems Upgrade.


Communication to Clients

Customer Advantages

Customer Advantages:

  • Debit cards will be upgraded to include “Tap to Pay” features   
  • Multiple options for debit card designs including new Tacoma Rainier’s branded cards    
  • Business and personal online banking will be included in one app  
  • Personal Financial Management tool called Money Manager for tracking expenses   
  • Twice as many account alert options for keeping track of your account activity   
  • New portal to pay your Commencement loans by debit card or another bank  
  • More loan statements and notices will be available digitally 
  • Statements will arrive to clients more quickly  

Debit Cards

Frequently Asked Questions




What date will the upgrade take place?    The process will begin with our Remote Deposit Capture users in early June 2023. You will receive your new debit card by the beginning of August and will activate it on August 10th, 2023. On August 14th, the upgraded online banking and mobile app will be available. More details about online access to accounts and statements will be available as we get closer to our go-live date.
Will my account numbers change?    Account numbers will remain the same.
Will my username and password for online banking be the same?    Usernames will stay the same for business customers but will be changing slightly for personal customers. Passwords will change. You will need to do a quick setup the first time you log into the upgraded platform, but we will be here to help.
Will I receive a new debit card?    Yes, you will receive a new card(s) in early August and it will be issued with a new debit card number. Your card will come with instructions on how to activate your new card and choose your PIN. This will be a time sensitive action, so please make note of the activation date within the instructions. We are happy to walk you through it should you need assistance.  
Will online banking be available during the upgrade?    Yes, downtime is expected to be minimal and during a weekend so it does not disrupt normal business hours. Exact date and time will be communicated in advance.
Will there be a new online banking app?   The app will be an upgraded version of our current apps and will be available for download on August 14th, 2023. There will only be one app for both business and personal mobile banking.
What will happen to my remote deposit capture (RDC) machines?    RDC machines will stay the same; however, the software will be upgraded. Digital Services will be reaching out to each RDC customer to facilitate the upgrade of the software beginning in June 2023. 

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