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This page and its contents are for internal use only.

1 - Clients can activate the new card by calling 877.965.3344
2 - Branches are taking deposits but they may not post or be visible until Monday. Customers can also withdrawal cash up to $10,000 (manager approval required) at the branches.
3 - All wires, ACH and Bill Pay are paused until Monday. ATMs are not available and Online Banking and Mobile App are in view only.

ACH Originators Customer Guides

Assistance Tips for Client Calls and Interactions

Please refer to this guide when dealing with client complaints.

Systems Upgrade can be stressful for both staff and clients. Please remember that superior customer service is our promise and use the information below to handle any tricky interactions. Thank you!

Communication to Clients

CSI Onsite and Remote Support 8.11.23 to 8.18.23

Customer Advantages

Customer Advantages:

  • Debit cards will be upgraded to include “Tap to Pay” features   
  • Multiple options for debit card designs including new Tacoma Rainier’s branded cards    
  • Business and personal online banking will be included in one app  
  • Personal Financial Management tool called Money Manager for tracking expenses   
  • Twice as many account alert options for keeping track of your account activity   
  • New portal to pay your Commencement loans by debit card or another bank  
  • More loan statements and notices will be available digitally 
  • Statements will arrive to clients more quickly  

Debit Cards

New debit cards will be mass issued to all clients as part of the upgrade. All debit card numbers will change. Please see below for all information regarding dates and changes.

  • JULY 11 - Debit Card Maintenance needs to be tracked on the worksheets in Back Office until 8/9/23.
  • JULY 26 - Pause New Debit Cards: New debit cards ordered from today until 8/10 will need to be replaced on 8/11 with a new card number.
  • AUGUST 10 -  Old debit card stops working, new one needs to be activated by calling 877.965.3344. Any custom limits they have now will not be available until Monday (8/14). Any cards that need to be printed for accounts opened prior to July 11th can be made in the branch beginning Thursday (8/10). Debit cards operating in standard stand-in limits.
  • AUGUST 14th - Can start issuing new designs for clients

First Time Login Instructions

Please see below for both Business and Personal first time log in instructions.


Online banking and mobile app logins will remain the same. 

  • Go to and click on Online Banking Login or launch the new mobile app by searching “Commencement Bank” in your app store.
  • Log in with your current username
  • Temporary Password will be your current username followed by your current business ID (eg. JSmith12345)
  • Follow the prompts to answer questions and register with the upgraded online banking and app.
  • Once you log in, there will be no need to enter your business ID again!
  • Once you log in, please review all alerts and recurring transfers, and update as necessary.


  • Go to and click on Online Banking Login or launch the new mobile app by searching “Commencement Bank” in your app store.
  • Usernames for logging into personal online banking accounts will be the same as they are today, with the addition of a “1” (one) at the end. For example, if your username is JSmith currently, it will be JSmith1 beginning August 14th.
  • Initial temporary password will be your current username plus the last four digits of your social security number. For example, JSmith1234.
  • Follow instructions on the screen to answer the questions and register with the upgraded system.
  • Once you log in, please review all alerts and recurring transfers and update as necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions




What date will the upgrade take place?    The process will begin with our Remote Deposit Capture users in early June 2023. You will receive your new debit card by the beginning of August and will activate it on August 10th, 2023. On August 14th, the upgraded online banking and mobile app will be available. More details about online access to accounts and statements will be available as we get closer to our go-live date.
Will my account numbers change?    Account numbers will remain the same.
Will my username and password for online banking be the same?    Usernames will stay the same for business customers but will be changing slightly for personal customers. Passwords will change. You will need to do a quick setup the first time you log into the upgraded platform, but we will be here to help.
Will I receive a new debit card?    Yes, you will receive a new card(s) in early August and it will be issued with a new debit card number. Your card will come with instructions on how to activate your new card and choose your PIN. This will be a time sensitive action, so please make note of the activation date within the instructions. We are happy to walk you through it should you need assistance.  
Will online banking be available during the upgrade?    Yes, downtime is expected to be minimal and during a weekend so it does not disrupt normal business hours. Exact date and time will be communicated in advance.
Will there be a new online banking app?   The app will be an upgraded version of our current apps and will be available for download on August 14th, 2023. There will only be one app for both business and personal mobile banking.
What will happen to my remote deposit capture (RDC) machines?    RDC machines will stay the same; however, the software will be upgraded. Digital Services will be reaching out to each RDC customer to facilitate the upgrade of the software beginning in June 2023. 

General Navigation

Important Dates/Timeline


- Deposit Accounts may be opened throughout. CDs and IRAs will not be able to be entered on Friday (8/11)

- Debit Card numbers are changing

- Deposit Account numbers are not changing, but loan and CD account numbers will change









May 26th   

   Initial Systems Upgrade Email goes out to RDC clients.

June  1st

   New clients wanting RDC should wait until after 6/15 to set up RDC.

June 5th 

   Initial Systems Upgrade Email sent to remaining clients.

June 12th 

   RDC Instruction Email - Digital Services will begin sending to business clients for the upgrade. 

June 12th 

   RDC Upgrade begins, to be completed by mid-July.

July 11th 

   Letter Mailed to Clients, Emma to Follow. Clients will receive a letter in a yellow envelope with all pertinent information for outages, logins and activations. Copy will be on the website and staff will also receive it. 

July 11th

   Pause New Debit Cards: New debit cards ordered from today until 8/10 will need to be replaced on 8/11 with a new card number. 

July 17th 

   Pause Onboarding of Complicated New Business Relationships.  Clients with multiple online banking users, ACH setups, analysis, or other complicated digital services should wait until after the upgrade so they don’t need to learn one system and then learn another. Contracts may be completed and put in a queue in Digital Services. 

July 31st 

   Last Day to Onboard New Businesses with access to online banking or any services such as ACH, Wires, and RDC. Accounts may be opened, and contracts may be signed. Their setup will be held until the week of 8/14 or 8/21.

August 4th 

   Last Day for New Consumers to Self-Enroll in Online Banking.
August 10th   View Only mode for current online banking begins at 6:00 pm PT for all customers and staff. Current online and mobile banking will remain in view only until the new system goes live on August 14th.

August 10th

   Debit Cards: Old one stops working, new one needs to be activated. Any custom limits they have now will not be available until Monday (8/14). Any cards that need to be printed for accounts opened prior to July 11th can be made in the branch beginning Thursday (8/10). Debit cards operating in standard stand-in limits.

August 10th

   ATMs will be down in the morning. When they come back up, they will not show balances until Sunday (8/13). ATMs will dispense cash and accept deposits once they comes up on Thursday. Money Pass ATMs will continue to work.

August 11th

   Any cards that need to be printed for accounts opened after July 11th can be made in the branch beginning Friday (8/11).

August 11th

   CSI transition support staff on-site starting August 11th and will remain through the 18th.

August 11th

   Branches will be using CSI NuPoint in view only mode. Branches will be open but may have restrictions on the kinds of transactions they can do. Client balances must be manually calculated.

August 11th

   CB PAY: Bill Pay, Account Transfer, and Pay a Person, will not work on Friday (8/11). All items scheduled to go out on Friday, will go out on Thursday. 

August 11th

   Wires, ACH, RDC, Mobile Capture: Will NOT be accepted or processed on Friday (8/11).

August 11th

   Shred all branch tickets, deposit slips, and GL forms, they will not work on CSI. 

August 12th

   CSI on-site working with bank personnel to balance all core applications. Digital Services verifying online banking information populated correctly. Branches may be onsite for training or core/ticket clean up.

August 13th 

   ATMs will be live with balances.

August 14th 

   EVERYTHING IS NOW LIVE: New App, Online Banking, and all internal systems will be working. 

August 14th 


SUPPORT: ALL staff will be expected to help clients with tier one issues without transferring them to other departments. Call backs for IT, Digital Services, Operations or Wires will need to be entered in their respective Help Desks on Teams.  



August 14th 

   CSI will remain onsite through Wednesday and be available remotely for assistance through the following week. 

August 14th 

   All clients must download the new app, available in App Stores (8/14). 

Intuit Customer User Guide

Loan Servicing

  • Loan number will change, but they will be a duplicated version of existing loan numbers. Example: if the loan number is 12345 it will be 12345-12345 after the upgrade.
  • Most loan statements will be available digitally. The ones that are not will be identified on a case-by-case basis and the customer will be made aware.
  • More questions? Email:
  • Dana Bothwell - Onsite CSI rep from 8.11.23 to 8.17.23

New Accounts

No resources available yet.

Notices - Customer Guides

Online Banking & Mobile App

Positive Pay Customer Guides



  • Alicia Smith - Remote CSI Rep for NuPoint Teller from 8.11.23 to 8.18.23


See below for customer guides regarding wires.